‘Skype Status’ Activity

Regular classes with your students can be considered as a good start for them to become a self-confident English user. Along with them there are sometimes lots of extracurricular activities expressing an interest of further learning of the language. One of them I am going to share with you today.

At work where I conduct English classes with adults we all use skype for internal communication with colleagues. No doubt, some of them are my students. It is known, that there is a rather popular trend to post quotes from films, books or just your own clever thoughts into a skype status. Why not use this idea to make your students post something essential? The procedure is pretty simple.

  1. You announce 2 (or more) weeks of Skype Status Activity in your office or a classroom.
  2. You ask students to post a quote they prefer into a skype status, and tell them, that your status will hang there for 2 (or more weeks). They all can see and read statuses of their partners.
  3. You tell students that after 2 weeks you would like to award those ones whose status turns out to be the most interesting (thought-provoking, surprising, amazing, lovely….and so on).

The most interesting in this activity happens when these 2 weeks are over. How to award the winner and how to decide who the winner is? You ask everybody to vote for the status they like most or you can decide on your own. Before that think about gifts. It can be a book or a cinema ticket, depends on your fantasy.

I am looking forward to your comments.

Thank you.

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