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Hi there!

Today I´m going to share an idea my students find challenging but attractive enough to be realized. It is an idea of a lesson starter when you meet with your students after a weekend or it’s just your first class after the weekend, when students are open to a new series of classes and they need to be warmed up and made to speak.

Preparation: before the weekend ask your students to use any news portal known to them to prepare a short 1-minute informative exchange including news they had a chance to face during the weekend. It can be news from everywhere and about any of aspects of life: culture, science, work, politics, ecology, traveling, etc. Just things they are personally excited about. I suggest doing it at the weekend to provide students with enough time for observing news portals.

How it works: break students into pairs and let them talk about news they want to share. Each talk should not be more than 1 minute. Then change partners or let them choose new partners again and repeat the activity. If possible it would be better to let each student to talk once to every member of the class. Also it’s possible to work in groups of three and four.

As a follow-up students can classify all news in accordance with its aspects given above. As a feedback they can answer the question whose news are more surprising (interesting, boring, memorable, etc).

I always do this activity with my Intermediates and Upper-Intermediates, on Monday morning it is vitally important to begin classes with something making you speak at once.

How do you find this idea? Would you like to try it with your students? Why? Why not?

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