An activity for drilling irregular verbs

One of my favourite methods of drilling irregular verbs was shoring students cards with all three forms and asking them to repeat after me. Since my first English teacher showed this activity to me when I was a pupil I´ve never seen anybody did the same with her students or it´s just because I haven´t observed much of the lessons of my colleagues. So, to my mind, it was one of the effective ways of drilling those verbs: those who are visuals could visualize and memorize much better, those who have a good ear for music, like me, could use it for better memorizing.

When my students used to study irregular verbs, I always started my lessons with asking them to repeat after me. After a chat with my Curriculum Manager (we were discussing new games with irregular verbs among other things) and having told her about my idea to realize my favourite idea, I suddenly thought about trying something new and just watch how it would work?

Today I was having a lesson with Pre-Intermediate students and the first activity was repeating again. But not after me. But after them. I mean, everybody was a person who asked to repeat those verbs after him.

I distributed a stack of cards for everybody and first of all, asked to look through. Later on  the students one by one were showing their cards to partners and the whole class was repeating after the one. It took us about 5 minutes.

To conclude… I would recommend this activity to my colleagues, because it at least reveals one of my favourite learning-related Chinese proverb:

Tell me, I’ll forget.
Show me, I’ll remember.
Involve me, I’ll understand.

The students were involved in the process and took on a role of the teacher and I’m sure they learned much more today. To my mind, this is what the whole learning process is about.

Thanks for reading.


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