Number one post after the vacation

I love holidays. And I love that exact feeling when I come back to work: I open the door of the office and see my students smiling and sending me their warmest wishes and congratulations regarding my arrival. They know I was missing them, and I know they were missing me and our classes. That’s true. Have you ever had such a feeling?

Today I had a first class after my vacation and it was with Upper-Intermediate students. There were two of them – just because some of students from their group are still on vacation. I hope we’ll soon have the whole group to practice English and to learn something new. These two guys told me it was difficult to start again… I usually ask students when I’m back from vacation: what did you do for improving your skills? They usually say: nothing. Today they told me they learnt some new words and phrasal verbs, they watched new films and read new books.

As for me, it was not difficult at all to come back, and yesterday at night, going to bed, I wanted the new day to come. What about my skills? Frankly, I had quite a few opportunities to have a look at my colleagues’ blog-posts, but I read three books – one by Jojo Moyes (‘Night Music’) and two more by Sophie Kinsella (‘Wedding Night’ and ‘Finding Audrey’) – it is a girlie side of my developing as a teacher (I just wanted to feel like I learn English myself – as a schoolgirl – to read books I like and to relax). Since the past 6 months these books have been the most memorable for me, though they can seem too easy and naive).

Today there’s nothing to blog about. But I was deadly missing my laptop keyboard and ‘Reader’ button in the left corner of the site. I wanna scream out: I’m back and I’m open to everything new.

Right now I’m preparing for the internal teachers’ forum at work, so I’m going to present some ideas and I’m very excited about that. It’s going to be in early October and I will definitely write about my experience in my blog.

Thanks for reading!