“Blog Challenge”, or how I dropped upon my friend. Part 1


One of my friends used to say that people all over the world get necessary information from the common information field; and if there’s something you need rather quickly, you’ll get it from this field. For example, you’re dreaming about traveling to Egypt, and your child is switching the channels on TV when you´re finally running across a TV show about the pyramids…

information field

Yesterday I was not dreaming about traveling somewhere, because I was too busy with my presentation about blogging, so even walking home I was thinking about it. But I ran across my friend from the university. Felix. A rare name for a Russian guy. We haven´t met since we graduated from the university in 2006, so we had a looooot of things to talk about yesterday. He was not busy, me neither, so we sat in the café and chatted for an hour.


Thank you, Felix, I should say. You can´t even imagine what you´ve done to me. Firstly, it was an unexpected ‘encuentro’ after a long period of silence. And… secondly, Felix was so interested in what I did in my life that he was bombarding me with questions and I hardly could be successful in answering all of them (because I had to leave very soon).

The thing is that these questions looked like the ones I was searching for to prepare my presentation. No, it’s not about why people blog or read blog-posts. Apart from that, I was looking for specific questions to ask at the teachers forum (about ELT), so I decided to look through ‘blog challenge’ questions asked and answered in one’s blog. The questions were diverse:

What did you teach last week?

Which areas of ELT are you interested in?

What are your favourite icebreakers?

What does “an ideal lesson” mean for you?

If your students were to label you with three adjectives, what would they be?

What was the most successful lesson you’ve had so far?

Of course, they are too specific. But I was looking for such specific and particular questions to ask the participants. And yesterday Felix was asking me questions which were a) specific and b) personal about my job. It was like an interview which I did perfectly. Personally, I was interested in answering the questions too. I believe, it was a good analysis of what I did, what I do and what I plan to do in future. So, here we go. Next time I’m going to post my answers to his questions.

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice working week!

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