Halloween Extra

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It’s been a long time since I posted something useful. Today here comes my new post about extracurricular activity with my students involved.

You know, I’m fond of having fun and that’s why extras are my favourite activities considering all of my students to be very fond of them too and since they are very creative and talented. I´ve already written blog-posts about some extras in the office where I work as a Business English Teacher, including Skype Status Activity, English Day and Poetry Day. This time it was Halloween as one of the ideas of an extracurricular activity, so I just gave it a shot. And my blog-post today is how I managed to prepare it, discuss it with my fellow teachers and conduct it.


At the preparation stage I had been looking for some activities which the participants could use to speak out, to discuss. So I had chosen mingling activity with coloured slips of paper to form pairs. I projected a question:

Do you think it is okay to celebrate Halloween in such institutions as kindergartens, schools and universities in Russia?

Coloured slips of paper helped to form pairs and I let the participants to discuss the question above in pairs.


Then the participants who answered ‘yes’ formed a team, and those who said ‘no’ formed another team. So we had 2 teams ready for the further activities. There were about 20 people involved.

Halloween is a very popular celebration, but I had not been sure that my students knew its traditions, so I asked the teams to recall all associations with Halloween celebration. After 3 minutes the lists were ready and we could compare them and then I projected Halloween vocabulary slide so that the teams could add some words to their lists and ask questions. There were not many questions, but this activity helped some of them to be more confident. For the majority of them such extras in English happened for the first time. I would like to thank Olya Sergeeva, my colleague from St.Pete for her advice during our chat at the preparation stage.

I also would like to thank Tekhnologik for an awesome idea of ‘Trick or Treat‘ quiz. My colleague from St.Pete Liudmila Vasileva created a wonderful Halloween quiz using ideas posted at Tekhnologik. So I just had to use it and be grateful to her! This activity turned out to be the most stimulating and appealing with an educational twist.


Though it was the last activity of the Party, now I want to share some materials that I did not manage to use because of time restrictions.

  1. Spooky Idioms. Olya suggested playing ‘Call My Bluff‘ using those idioms and I absolutely liked the idea. I’m fond of idioms and this time it might have been a nice opportunity to introduce some of them. I’ll definitely try them out with my students in a form of a warm-up.
  2. Halloween Tongue Twisters. They always involve a lot of fun, but this time due to time restrictions I did not manage to use them. It’s one of the ideas I want to realize later.

The tastiest moment of the Party was prepared and created by our HR manager Natalya and I would like to thank her for making this idea real and tasty.


On the whole, it was my first experience of such an activity in the office and I liked it.

I’d like to thank my students and my colleagues for making this Party incredible and memorable.

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Have a wonderful working week!