Newcomers give food for thought…

Yesterday one of new employees joined Intermediate group of students. This can happen quite often, when in the middle of an academic year somebody starts a course. So, yesterday I was quite interested in having a lesson, in showing our internal rules and traditions (I mean, inside the class). But I did not do it myself, I asked my students to help me and to introduce themselves in an alluring manner.

So, I used one of ice-breakers I was really into, when you introduce yourself using a model:

I’m Anna, I’m ‘A’, I’m awesome.

I’m Paul, I am ‘P’, I’m polite.

This time along with the initial model I added a question “Why are you in the group?”, so it made my students introduce themselves and, thus, they told about their goals and ways of learning English there. I personally loved the way they accepted the activity, because it somehow showed their ability to support the new guy and give him awareness of how classes are conducted. It goes without saying, the newcomer and me introduced ourselves as well, and though my speech was different a bit, it helped me to realize how I participate in the group, not only in a role of the teacher, but also as a person who’s ready to give any necessary support and be helpful whenever they need it.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Newcomers give food for thought…

  1. Hi Anna

    Thank you for the post – I liked the idea to describe one specific activity, and then reflect on it. Also, liked Marc’s questions.

    In this activity, however, I have always found myself struggling to come up with a word describing me and starting with ‘Z’ (for Zhenya). Sometimes ended up being ‘zealous’ or even ‘zany’, can you imagine 🙂

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    • Hi Zhenya, thanks for your comment. It so often happens when I write a longer post and nobody cares 😉 And a shorter one gives wonderful feedback.
      What about your full name? Eugenia? At least you can come up with “emotional”. BTW, do your students call you Zhenya?


      • Hi thank you for the reply. I also find that with some posts there are unexpectedly more comments and responses. I guess it is a part of fun in blogging – we never know what ‘clicks’ when readers read 🙂

        Yes, my students, and course participants call me Zhenya. It’s easier than Yevgeniya, the full name, and for some (weird?) reason I don’t like ‘Eugenia’ (maybe it just does not sound like my name) In any case, for many other names, the activity you described works very well! 🙂 For others, just need creativity (can always choose the second, or the last letter, no problem!)

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  2. I love that introduction game using adjectives which start with the same letter at the beginning of your name. I was introduced to this when I first started my CELTA course over ten years ago. Fantastic way to relax any students and all learners like it. We did this activity by throwing a ball around and CELTA Trainees had to say, once they caught the ball, “I’m magical Mary” or “I’m happy Harry.” If we repeated the adjective or paused, we had to sit down. The winner was the last one standing. Great to do with students at the beginning of term or when getting to know each other.

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    • Hello Martin, thanks for stopping by.
      I definitely love your idea, though my students are mostly grown wise with experience, they would probably love the idea too. It so happens that newcomers are constantly joining, so I will try out the idea the next time.
      Thanks a lot again!


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