Last-minute activity with collocations

The other day I was looking for a revision activity for Elementary group consisting of 2 students only. With topic ‘Technology’ and target language ‘technology collocations’ (insert a credit card, enter the code, touch the screen, etc). The very day I was going to have a lesson was pretty busy for me and there was no idea about the revision activity at all. Then something appealing came to my mind.
First, I drew a table where I wrote down nouns using a blue marker. Then I asked the students to come to the white board and write verbs coming along with those nouns (each student with his marker colour). Later on I rubbed out the second column (that with nouns) and asked them to come up with more ideas, verbs in this case.


I definitely love those activities when students are allowed to move, change their seats, work with their partners from another part of the classroom. This activity was exactly the one I am writing about, that´s why I was determined to share it with you.

Do you do such activities with your students? I will be happy if you share your experience.

Thanks for reading!