I would like to thank my ex-colleague Olga Sergeeva for her expert advice and encouragement throughout this challenging idea to start posting in my own blog. Your support in this project is extraordinary. This blog would have been impossible without you, who inspired me during our conversations and discussions.

Also I would like to thank my numerous teachers of English: Liubov Kuchkina, Evgeniy Shtin, Svetlana Kononenko, Klara Drozdova (r.i.p.), Olga Kalestrova and Evgeniya Barysheva. I offer my sincere appreciation for learning opportunities provided by you.

I’d love to thank my parents as well, Vasiliy and Valentina Zernovs. Your encouragement when the times got rough is much appreicated.
Special thanks goes to my son Yaroslav. One day he’ll read it and find out more about his mother.

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