When I was in my early twenties, I came across a book on psychology of relationships by American writer Barbara de Angelis. I read at least 3 or 4 books by her afterwards, but that first book influenced my further life with only one word. A spanish word “Enséñame” means “teach me” or “show me”. The author suggested waking up every morning and pronouncing “Enséñame” which meant asking God to show you what to do during the day, which decisions to make, which solutions to find, simply, how to work and how to live.
“Enséñame” has become my everyday prayer and mantra. I remember times of trouble when I needed advice and support and I was sure I was able to get everything I needed, because someone would be with me and would show me, and would teach me…
I want to ask readers not to perceive this word as my wish to teach everybody. I just cannot do it and, honestly, I do not strive for it. “Enséñame” still works for me as a prayer.
I want to be taught and I want to be shown the way.



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