Why is adequate timing important?


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     I should admit that the most challenging situations often bring me food for thought and lots of insights. That’s why I was feeling a bit nervous when I started a new Upper-Intermediate group, but I told my manager Olya about that exact feeling of an insight coming right after a couple of lessons. No doubt, it came uninvited and is waiting for me to share it with others. The thing is that I was always sure about my feeling of time during the lessons. With my experience and lots of varied lessons taken care of, I have never thought that I will lose this feeling without any explanation. Well, probably I was too arrogant and perky. Having a lesson with Upper-Intermediates I found out that time was flying by and we were creeping with the tasks, students were getting a bit bored (too self-confident again, they were deadly bored), and at the end of the lesson I was murmuring something like ‘Next time it would be better, I ‘m sure’. Why that happened? Maybe I’m a little bit slow and don’t provide students with an appropriate pace of moving on with the materials, maybe warm-up and lead-in stages are too long for the first part of the lesson, maybe it is my own style of teaching being changed from day to day. Whatever the reason is, I guess, I know the solution. Adequate timing while lesson preparation stage. With approximate minutes and seconds stated in your lesson plan you can be confident and responsible for the timing you’ve planned, at least planned, of course.

Why am I so nervous about lesson plan timing? I am sure the lesson is like a play and a teacher is a director. You can’t start a lesson with the second act, you can’t start it with the final scene. You need to work step by step, letting students discover the material with your help and with your understanding of what is happening and what is going to be next. I believe, adequate timing is exactly about this, at least about a way of helping a teacher to set realistic goals and reflect afterwards if something went wrong. My idea of today’s lessons is about paying a bit more attention to that insignificant part of the lesson planning as timing. Practically it does not appear to be insignificant.

That’s it.

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