Top 25 favorite ELT blogs


Hello everyone!

A nice morning, isnt´t it? I hope you’re having a productive working week. As promised, here is a list of 25 ELT blogs, which some of you mentioned in comments to my “A Plea for Help”. I was touched by your attitude to my request and by your comments as well. It really helped me to structure a wonderful presentation and present your ideas like something very important in terms of professional development. So, here comes:

  1. Rose Bard
  2. Mike Griffin
  3. Anna Loseva
  4. Hana Tichá
  6. Kevin Stein
  7. Sandy Millin
  8. Joanna Malefaki
  9. Fab English Ideas
  10. Anthony Ash
  11. Film-English
  12. Scholarly Kitchen
  13. Tyson Seburn
  14. Nathan Hall
  15. Hugh Dellar
  16. Scott Thornbury
  17. Marisa Constantinides
  18. Sue Waters
  19. Sylvia Guinan
  20. Zhenya Polosatova
  21. Olya Sergeeva
  22. Rachael Roberts
  23. Svetlana Kandibovich
  24. Vedrana Vojković
  25. Tekhnologic

While posting this list I found those who I’m not following right now, but I’d love to. Thanks a lot again!

Have a wonderful working week!

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14 thoughts on “Top 25 favorite ELT blogs

  1. Hi Anna,

    I’m glad so many people responded to your initial post and that this helped you with the presentation. Thanks for including my blog (and the diacritic in my surname 🙂 ). I see there are quite a few blogs here that I don’t follow, so will definitely add some to my list.

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